Portable Heating Pad - 5Pcs

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Hand warmers 5pcs
Up to 16hours of heat. More than 40C/104F!
Max temperature: 63C / 145F
Average: 52C/125F

How to use

  • Open outer bag just before use remove inner bag and place into pocket
  • Place hot pack on clothes and avoid direct contact with skin


  • Do not use while sleeping as low temperature burn will occureasily.
  • Children or people with weak skin should use caution when using this product.
  • Stop use if feeling overheated.
  • Do not use in bedding or near heating appliances. There is a possibility of sudden heat generation when used in a high heat-retaining condition.
  • Note that low temperature burn can be caused if more than one piece is used at the same time.
  • Product is for external use only. Consult a physician if swallowed by mistake.
  • If product comes into contact with eyes immediately wash with clean water for 15 minutes without rubbing. Consult your physician for a medical examination.

How to store

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in cool place.
  • keep out of reach of children.