Japanese-Made Skin Lotion Sake And Glycosphingolipids

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country of origin (region): Japan
Material: water PG rice fermentation liquid glycerine Komenukasufingo glycolipid rice bran soy peptides fermented rice germ oil rice bran oil hyaluronic acid Na soluble collagen PPG-6 decyltetradeceth -30 citric acid Na citric acid polyglyceryl oleate -10 BG lecithin phenoxyeethanol methylparaben
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It is a lotion containing Kumamoto Prefecture of sake *.
The hand of those who work in the brewery from the old days always touching the bare hands in the drink thanks to the components contained in the sake shiny it is said there ... and in the hands of smooth.
It about effects on your skin has formulated a promising sake *.
And leads to moist smooth smooth skin.
(* Fermented rice liquor)