Taping Tape For Elastic Water Repellant 50Mm

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Material: Substrate: Cotton / 95% Cotton 5% polyurethane adhesive portion: acrylic adhesive / acrylic adhesive
Product Size: 9cm 4cm 13cm
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[Use before]
taping please use in the right way. This product " stick of instructions" or are commercially available we recommend that you refer to the How to paste of reference books and the like.
[How to paste point of]
Please wipe well the sweat and oil.
Please cut the tape to the appropriate length with scissors or the like.
while extending well the muscles of the part to stick please Attach to the skin a tape little by little along the muscle.
[Notes on use]
Since there is a possibility that the symptoms worse in the following cases: Please do not use. Write allergic symptoms against fractures immediately ligament damage immediately wound dermatitis adhesive tape Avoid suddenly of use such as do a patch test on the inside of the arm please use from try whether there is a rash and the like.
Please do not try to use other than taping.
After the taping such as whether or not there is a risk of blood circulation failure please check whether the taping is appropriate.
If symptoms such as rash redness itching rash during or after use appeared to discontinue use please consult a specialist.
when peeling the tape please slowly peel so as not to damage the skin.
Please save out of reach of small children.
where there is moisture please save to avoid the place and humid in direct sunlight.
Please do not apply continue to tape in the same place.
Please do not close to the fire.
long period of time please do not continue to stick to the skin.