Japanese-Made Aging Care Emulsion

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country of origin (region): Japan
Material: Active Ingredients: dipotassium glycyrrhizinate Other ingredients: vitamin A oil rice fermentation liquid hibiscus flowers fermentation liquid pearl barley fermentation liquor soybean milk fermented liquor whey (2) concentrated glycerin 1 3-butylene glycol propylene glycol xanthan gum carboxyvinyl polymer sorbitan sesquioleate sorbitol solution hydroxyethyl cellulose polyoxyethylene cetostearylether cetostearyl alcohol ethanol caramel sodium hydroxide purified water liquid paraffin phenoxyeethanol methylparaben
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Medicated aging caremulsion.
Firmly the role of the lid so that it does not escape the moisture of your skin.
Active ingredient of glycyrrhizin dipotassium will prevent the rough skin.
(Aging care: moisturizing care in accordance with the age)