Adhesive Bandage Size M 100 Sheets

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Material: polyethylene polyester nonwoven fabric acrylic adhesive peeling paper paper
Product Size: 7cm ~ 0.1cm ~ 0.2cm
QTY: 1 or 100 sheets
Assortment: None Assorted
Contraindications prohibited re-use prohibition
Medical Supplies (4) Orthopedic Appliances JMDN code: 348640000
Notification number: 13B2X1074000008
General medical equipment bandage
Methods used
- to clean the wound and the surrounding please put to hit the wound pad part.
- moisture around the wound drug will be weak and the adhesive force remains and dirt. Please use the wipe.
[Storage method]
- Avoid direct sunlight please keep in moisture less clean place.
- Please keep out of the reach of children.
- Please do not Attach the adhesive side to the wound.
- Please instead of paste healing of the wound and left the soiled pad part is it will be worse.
- Please instead of paste once or twice a day.
- by your use discontinue use in the cease of itching rash rash redness or the like occurs please consult your doctor or pharmacist.
- when peeling please peel off slowly so as not to damage the skin.
Please do not re-use .
- If your child uses please use under the guidance of parents.