Foaming Pump -White - 250Ml - 8.5Fl Oz-

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Material: polyethylene polypropylene
Product Size: 6.6cm 6.6cm 14cm
QTY: 1 pcs
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detergent please use always dilute is.
eE The rate at which dilute depending on the type of detergent there is a difference. (Pump and the concentration of the liquid dark There is a risk of clogging.)
A sure test foaming in the following way before use please use to adjust the depth of your choice.
Put the detergent to a height of about 5mm in the bottle put the warm water of the 10 times.
Mix Shake to turn to lightly beside prior to the lid. (Because the detergent will be foamy please do not shake violently.)
fitted with a lid press several times the pump