Foaming Pump -White - 400Ml - 13.5Fl Oz-

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Material: polyethylene polypropylene
Product Size: width 6.6cm ~ 18cm in length 6.6cm ~ height
QTY: 1 pcs
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Foam pump bottle White
detergent please use always dilute is.
Before use There is a difference in the rate at which dilute depending on the type of detergent. (Dark and pump the concentration of the liquid is there is a risk of clogging.) To test foaming at the always following methods before use please use to adjust the depth of your choice.
1 Put the detergent to a height of about 5mm in the bottle put the warm water of the 10 times.
Shake and mix to turn to lightly beside prior to the 2 lid. (Because the detergent will be foamy please do not shake violently.)
3 fitted with a lid foaming press the pump several times