Twisted Long Chopsticks 2P Waleaf

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Material: Body: bamboo (bamboo) general: Phyllosteachys species: the bamboo surface coating Assortment: urethane paint
Product Size: 30cm 33cm
QTY: 2 bowlful input
Assortment: None Assorted
33cm cooking chopsticks of simple design including a two-size set of 30cm.
because the possession part is twisted processing Or stir the food during cooking use in applications such as pinch.
of Ready-To-Eat and meal Prevent hand burns from the heat during cooking.
to make it easy to use while up the cooking table of dishes Cooking chopsticks with a simple design including a set of two sizes of 33cm and 30cm.
Used to stir or pinch ingredients during cooking.
Used for serving and ser
Prevents hand burns from heat during cooking.
To make it easier to use the