Ballpoint Pen Ballsize 0.5Mm Ink Color Blue

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country of origin (region): Japan
Material: Play PC resin rubber grip ABS resin playback PBT resin
Product Size: 1cm 14cm 1.5cm
QTY: 1 pcs
Assortment: None Assorted
Smooth writing feeling to become a habit.
Ultra-low friction jet stream ink loading of oil-based ballpoint pen. Ball diameter 0.5mm ink color blue
Writing load regardless of the speed smoothly written at a low writing resistance.
If you have our conventional products a writing friction resistance in each load of (oil-based ball-point pen) and 100% writing the frictional resistance of the JETSTREAM is about 30% at 150g load we have reduced 40% during the 100g load.
Dark you can write a clear and was drawn lines.
To havexcellent drying property of the drawn lines.
It has adopted a twin ball mechanism to prevent the ink reflux.
Internal spring tip to prevent ink DC.