Gelink Ballpoint Pen

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country of origin (region): Japan
Material: polycarbonate resin: rubber grip
Product Size: 1.06cm 13.93cm 1.5cm
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"k ballpoint pen 0.5mm ink color black" not bleed smooth!
To rotate the pen tip of the ball you can write smoothly since the liquid.
Ink written on paper is not bleeding because it attempts to return to a gel-like.
Since the pigment ink using pigment ink is excellent in water resistance and light resistance not bleeding in water difficult to fade is drawn lines also left a vivid drawn lines forever.
For [water-resistant pigments can of substances that do not dissolve in water even when wet with water does not eliminate the drawn lines.
[Light resistance pigments can strongly to stimuli such as UV light compared to the dye also has a faded difficult nature forever.