Ur Glam Sexy And Healthy Makeup Blooming Eye Color Palette 05

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Material: mica talc borosilicate (Ca / Na) dimethicone methyl methacrylate crosspolymer ethylhexyl palemitate stearic acid Mg silicate (Na / K / Al) silica trimellitic acid tritriacontanoic decyl synthetic Furuorofu Rogopaito borosilicate (Ca / Al) PEG-10 dimethicone polyisobutene mineral oil (butylene / ethylene / styrene) copolymers (ethylene / propylene / styrene) copolymer phenoxyeethanol titanium oxide iron oxide manganese violet tin oxide ultramarine blue red 202 red 201 yellow 4 blue 1
Product Size: width 7.5cm ~ length 8cm ~ height 1.3cm
QTY: 1 pcs
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eye shadow palette a collection of neon color.
You can enjoy a variety of eye makeup in a wide variety of textures and colorful powder.