Hair Elastic Set Sparkle Dolce Animal

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Material: acrylic resin, synthetic rubber, nylon
Product Size: Rabbit: width 1.9cm ~ length 8.6cm ~ height 1.1cm, strawberries: width 2cm ~ length 8.9cm ~ height 1.1cm, cat: width 2cm ~ length 8.4cm ~ height 1.1cm, peach : width 2.1 cm ~ length 8.1 cm ~ height 1.1 cm, bears: width 2.1 cm ~ length 8.1 cm ~ height 1.1 cm, pineapple: width 1.8 cm ~ length 8.5 cm ~ height 1.1 cm, pig: width 2cm ~ length 8cm ~ height 1.1cm, cherry: width 1.9cm ~ length 8.8cm ~ height 1.1cm
QTY: 1 pcs
Assortment: pink, blue, yellow, purple
easy to use, even children, narrow Rubber tip beads with a hair elastic.
It is a two-piece set perfect for the two knot.
And colorful aurora shiny pop color, animal, which was fully become a Dolce is the cute design.
Color will be given at random