Poster Tape -For Posting - 10 Pcs. - 20Mm X 20Mm - 0.8In X 0.8In-

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country of origin: Japan
Material: Polyurethane saturated polyester resin
Product Size: width 20mm ~ length 20mm
QTY: 10 pieces
Assortment: None Assorted
Wallpaper is also a double-sided tape pasted without also damaging posters.
such as the posting of posters and bulletin Because they use a special form, the wall does not also damage posters when peeled off.
Stainless steel and tiles in addition to wallpaper, can also be used to smooth surfaces such as glass.
By pressure-sensitive adhesive force to wash After the decrease, the pressure-sensitive adhesive force is resurrected, it can be used repeatedly.