Standing Shaped Cooked Rice

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Material: polypropylene
Product Size: width 8.5cm ~ length 4cm ~ height 9.5cm
QTY: 1 pcs
Assortment: rabbit type, bear type
Happily arrange in a three-dimensional rice Also grated radish!
Just press packed into the mold!
contains thither type.

Rabbit type
Bear type
used as a rice ball type 1. from wet to the water, put the rice in thar of the type A in a state in which the open mold.
2. type a closed, while pressing lightly in the press type, we will packed in like chopsticks in three to four times the rice.
When using the warm rice, it will be hot is the surface of the mold, please put the rice with the type of edge. Please note burns . Color will be given at random