Easy And Shiny Cleaning Sheet -Contains Sesqui-Sodium Carbonate-

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country of origin: Japan
Material: polyester polyethylene polypropylene pulp sodium sesquicarbonate
Product Size: width 8cm ~ length 0.3cm ~ height 12.5cm
QTY: 6 pieces
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6 pieces
Perforations with
W power
Scraping special fiber
The house only with water to shine!
Greasy oil stains and to Fuse earium head!
exhaust Fan
Grill or stove
Of the bath floor and walls

Persistent oil stains
of the ventilation fan and grill Fuse earium head
of the bath of the floor and walls In W power of sodium sesquicarbonate and scraping special fiber it drops firmly the oil stains and red mold and the like.
Seat will fit in dirt of a curved or uneven surface.
With a perforated line you can use cut in half.
For sesquicarbonate soda is alkaline is effective in the dirt of acidic oil dirt.