Cushioned Laundry Net -Cylindrical To Keep Shape -

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Material: Net Bias: Polyester Fastener Tape: Polyester element Nylon Slider: Polypropylene
Product size: 16 x 15 x 16 cm
Internal volume: 1 sheet
Assortment: White gray
Two-stage type-shaped off-cutting cylindrical cushion laundry net
Laundry Indication: Bra: 1 Shorts: 1 Photo
Having with a square
With fastener cover
No drum type
Dryer Unavailable
Also for sorting in carry case! Bra and shorts do not get lost!
The bra type is hard to break because of the guard that prevents mold deviation on the top and bottom of the net.
Clothing-friendly bias double structure Obscribing other clothing Fastener cover prevents penalty such as fine mesh.
Threads and from the perspective of the fabric to prevent damage to the fabric. Colours will be given at random.