Color Life Fly Swatter White

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The Messenger
Gift from the Gods

Starting from the handle, like an extension of oneself, the grip is slightly textured and begs to be rolled in between your fingers. You will definitely twirl this bad boy every time you pick it up, swirling the air and sending a shockwave through the universe, letting every flying insect know what is gosh darn up!

While the connection point between this powerful weapon definitely gets the power coursing through your veins, it houses a secret... More on that later!

The length of the fly swatter is close to perfect, somehow feeling equally balanced no matter where one holds it, no matter if the person is big or small. Upon closer examination, it is crystal clear as to why: the tool is masterfully engineered, resembling the strongest I-beam of the tallest structures known to man. It instills confidence in every strike, that this instrument will never break, blow after blow.

The head of this glorious tool is the quintessential marriage of form and function. Wide, yet aerodynamic, parting the air as if almost defying our concept of physics. Flexible enough to contour soft materials and still make contact in the spaces that insects might feel safe in, such as folds of a blind, or rounded corners of furniture, yet strong enough to lay down the power on flat surfaces. After the bell has rung for our departed foes, the head also possesses a feature that no one ever knew they needed: tools for disposal. It may sound gruesome, but the head is crowned with a series of small spike-like teeth which can be used in the scraping of matter from the scene, surfaces such as fabrics, glass, and most importantly, mesh screen material. No more getting guts stuck in those impenetrable barriers we employ against these flying foes, our window and door screens!

And finally, back to that hidden secret on an already amazing tool... The base of the handle houses the final touch in thoughtfulness. It houses a small pair of flexible tweezers that snap securely into place. No more using your hands (ew!), or wasting a paper towel (can someone say eco-friendly?!) to pick up and dispose of these fallen foes. Quickly unsheathe the little green claws of destiny, grab the remnants to be disposed of, dispose of them, and snap them back into place.

After experiencing the utility, the grace, the sheer power of this tool, it is shocking that so much can be put into such an ordinary object, one that has probably never crossed your mind. One starts to wonder if this tool is even the creation of Man, if it wasn't brought down from the heavens and brought to us by the Gods. It sparks a few thoughts into the mind: what if everything in this world had this level of dedication, of mastery? Where would the human race be? Would we even be on Earth? Would we even have this human form?

Behold! The Color Life Fly Swatter - White.

Wield one (or one in each hand) today.
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