Sink Limescale Removal Stick

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country of origin: Japan
Material: sponge: polyurethane abrasive: pumice handle: ABS resin
Product Size: width 2.8cm ~ length 1cm ~ height 16.3cm
QTY: 2 pcs
Assortment: None Assorted
Water only in OK!
Wash basin of the water red up!
Pumice abrasive
2 pieces
Stick type
to reach the sink faucet drainage port of the gap and the back side of the dirt to the wash basin of pottery The wash basin of stubborn water red and stains can not take in the detergent drops clean only with water.
Narrow at the water red such as the base of the faucet is also easy to drop.
Because stick type you will receive the dirt of the gap and the back side.