Seasoning Egg Maker

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country of origin: Japan
Material: Body: polypropylene lid the lid: Polypropylene
Product Size: width 10.8cm ~ length 10.8cm ~ height 7.4cm
QTY: 1 pcs
Assortment: None Assorted
easy saving cooking!
You can make a little bit of seasoning!
How to make
that add boiled eggs four and put the seasoning to the A lid B soaking in the refrigerator for about 1 hour complete
Please do not use a microwave oven.
egg course
boiled egg-chan Removed from the refrigerator the estimated time
of when placed in boiling water immediately
Just put the eggs and a small amount of seasoning boiled you can mak easily seasoned egg.
Attached to evenly liquid effort such as upside down of the egg does not need.
Four can make at one time.